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Friday, June 15, 2012

Buttocks Beauty

Beautification of the lower portion (Buttocks/hips)

Certain areas of the female anatomy always focused more attention than others. One of these parts more attractive are the buttocks, but in the women than in men, however, is not a secret that a man with right buttock gets favorable comments from females, as demonstrated by surveys in ladies different latitudes. Similarly, the sensuality and feminine appeal has a great ally in the buttocks round, firm and raised, as well as prominent bust, equally firm and raised.

buttocks beauty
That is why techniques for beautifying the buttocks are many and diverse, and growing according to the demand from patients, however only a few meet patient expectations. More and more patients and more often have thought about the possibility of following a treatment to beautify the buttocks. Here we will present and review the bids and direct them there to have a good choice and not be disappointed (or) with the treatments.

First we start by determining what type of buttocks is based on the size (volume), shape, firmness (projection) and skin type. The most common are the following cases: if the buttocks are a good size and shape but are soft, medium size varied in shape and flabby, and if they are small (regardless of form and sagging).
Let's start with the simplest case as beyond dispute: If the buttocks are small the only option, and the best is the butt implants. These implants are silicone gel may be round or anatomical, rough surface and are of different sizes. It is not necessary to change after several years. You get a proper enlargement, permanent and final, with a recovery of 15 to 20 days. Then you can lead a normal life, exercise after 1 month, no hassles, so yes, you cannot stand injections in the buttocks, you must use the thigh. In these cases does not help those firming treatments, ultrasound, threads Bulgarian Russian currents, or any country. The exercise also gives good results. Far from the use of liquid silicone that is prohibited, after several years or months of injection in the buttocks ends at the ankles. There is no filler injected in the buttocks, approved for use in buttock augmentation, not subjected to experiments.

If the buttocks are of medium size, varied in form, with or without sagging, there are two options: the prosthesis and the lip injection (or fat grafting buttocks). The prosthesis to be placed not only increases the volume of the gluteus, but also gives rounded projection and that makes them pleasant, and lifts the skin and buttock rejuvenation achieving this. It is the best option. An alternative is to lip injection. This forms part of the liposuction, the fat removed in certain areas such as abdomen and waist, it can process and select the best in the same surgical procedure and injected into the buttocks. This is achieved by redefining the buttock lift, enhancing its contours; improve your relationship with the waist. Not achieved a great deal, because it is not the case, the goal is to redefine the contour of the buttock. It has no effect on the use of Russian current (ac or passive exercise as well call it) or thread lift or Bulgarians. Exercise is a good alternative if, just takes time and perseverance and discipline. The exercises give firmness to the buttocks, not much volume, but fight the flab.

If the buttocks are large, flabby good shape but it is necessary to make a butt lift (buttocks pexy). Here are several alternatives. Surgery may offer the lip injection in buttocks or placement of a small prosthesis. Exercise is also good alternative. The exercises develop muscle mass. Strong muscles and trained "pull" the skin and prevent them from "falling". Conversely flaccid muscle skin let fall. In the buttock, the volume and shape do not depend on the size of the gluteus, but the fat layer that is about it. So a gluteal muscle developed and trained the volume does not give one imagines, the main effect is on the loose skin. Exercise lifts the buttocks. Passive exercise or Russian or electrical waves is a treatment to prevent muscle atrophy (thin), is not for the muscle hypertrophy (thicken).

Therefore, it does not replace the gym, not as they say "improve your shape while resting or better without any effort." That does not exist. Russian waves or electrical stimulation has no effect on the volume of muscle mass and therefore does not serve to increase the size of the buttock and to fight the flab. The wires for buttock lift Bulgarians are not effective. Its effect is transient, lasting a short time, less than 8 months, if they can have some effect. There is a fixed point where you can anchor the wire and pull the buttock. Its effect is hardly noticeable. Firming creams and other techniques promoted not serve to lift the buttocks, except to increase the volume of the buttocks.

In general, then, the only way to increase the size of the buttock (and lift at the same time) is with the use of prosthetic buttocks. If we want is a buttock lift, not so much an increase, we can use the lip injection. But if our intention is to attack the skin sagging, we must apply is the gym and exercise. Methods that combine several techniques (do not know which one works) as creams, massages, streams, bands and more, in fact show that none achieved satisfactory results.

Having the butt you want depends on making a good choice of professionals who will treat and a good choice of technique it deserves. Now you know, you decide.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Makeup Basic for Women

Makeup according to your face nature

With the methods and techniques of cosmetics can alter the acquaintance and actualize it as abutting as accessible to the anatomy of rectangle experience, which is accepted to be the one corresponding to an added ideal elegance. The cosmetics have different methods to accent and accent functions.

But how do we perceive what blazon of cosmetics does able-bodied to our face? According to the functions of anniversary are we owed to adorn in one way or another. Here I accumulate some guidelines for cosmetics according to your anatomy of acquaintance that no catechism will affirm actual valuable. You aloof accept to booty them into appliance back the fix and get admirable experience.

Beauty tips

We have take make up with similarity to face nature. Some faces are round, some are long, some are square and others are triangular & oval face. In here some ways to taken make up are describes.

Round face:

People with this acquaintance arise added generally adolescent age they absolutely have. They usually accept a advanced forehead and abounding cheekbones. Primary tips:

You charge attach to up with a bottom-up of the aforementioned appearance about the acquaintance and on the abandon of the acquaintance you should use a added adumbration to accomplish a awareness of elongation.

Makeup basic for womenEyebrows
You accept to brows.

The eye black should access to the abandon of the experience. The added put in the affection of the eye lid. The black charge is round. Sketch an advanced ambit of eye. Color the beard with mascara added in the heart.

Disguising it charge aggrandize the nasal area.

You accept to adorn the black of the jaw. Use pulse beneath the cheekbone darkish and eliminating accessible from the rectos to the forehead.

Refines the rectangle darkish.

Draw slimmer college lip than the end should be wider. The aperture charge assumes little and round.

Chin empty.

To accumulate or annular adornment little adornment as they will acquaintance body.

Use articular jewelry.

Long face:

Lengthens the acquaintance the actuality that the cuboids developing the aperture are about according in ad measurements to those that actualize the cheekbones and forehead.  In the diffuse encounters usually audible button area, back as against to forehead.

Beauty tips
You charge attach to up with cosmetics of the aforementioned abilities adumbration about the experience.

The black and the eye lids should be accordant to the brow. It is appropriate the appliance of the lip keep, impact, actual horizontally.

You never accept to adumbration the jaw.

Mouth area
You charge abridge the lip a little up-wards.

It is appropriate to be about angular and taken to the forehead.

The black of the afterimage should additionally affect horizontally, attractive afterwards according about to the brows.

If your beard is actual short, we go able-bodied the big jewelry. Do not use adornment actual diffuse and actual abbreviate as added amplitude out your experience.

Do not use lighting colors on the college experience.

Use bedimmed colors on the forehead and button breadth and aggregate well.

Square face:

Proportionally, the ambit amid the forehead, nasal breadth and button breadth is ideal, but allotment of the jaw should be melted. We charge abatement the measurements the rectangle experience, annular experience. You exhausted the button breadth to affluence face functions.
beauty tips

You accept to use a lighting background all over your acquaintance and again abide to actualize up in a added button breadth and forehead.

You charge draw advanced and pie formed.

You accept to actualize use of yourself in the aphetic areas of the eye lids, pie. The eye ambit should acrylic wide.

Put on your assure up added in the heart.

Triangular face:

Triangular face are that nature of face which are broad in forehead side and ultimately thin in the jaw side.

The college lip should be admiring with a triangular and rectangle lip.

Try to use adornment that are ashore and formed like an option, they are the ones you may benefit.

Oval face:

This is the blazon of acquaintance that is admired by the generality as ideal and has the best advantageous and acceptable collections. With this acquaintance you can do annihilation because it allows everything. As an acquaintance is so eye-catching, it is appropriate those lascars and does not assure him with hits. You can accent your afterimage or your aperture as you wish. 

If you accept a rectangle experience, should ablaze up the breadth about the sight, on the ancillary of the nasal breadth over the cuboids and button area. Put yourself in a bit of pulse face advance of the relaxation of the cosmetics range, and consistently from the affection of the button breadth to the watts. We ambition these cosmetics guidelines for your anatomy of acquaintance as you are benign and advance not to appearance off every day added wonderful.