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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Abortion and Women

Abortion and general consequence for women

 Abortion, legal or illegal also physically and psychologically damaging to women and may even earn him death. Continuously pro-abortion propaganda proclaims the lie that legal abortion is medically "safe", and that legalizing or decriminalizing it necessary due to the large number of maternal deaths caused by illegal abortion. This strategy to legalize abortion deceptively called "Safe Motherhood". Among the physical complications of abortion in women include infection, hemorrhage, complications due to anesthesia, pulmonary embolism or amniotic fluid and perforations, lacerations or tears of the uterus. Statistically speaking, it is estimated that the immediate risk of such complications is 10%, but the long-term complications is between 20 and 50%.

Abortion and general consequence for women

Besides physical complications, women suffer emotionally and spiritually than it already has been identified as the "post-abortion syndrome." These effects of abortion include guilt, anguish, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, insomnia, various types neurotic and psychotic illnesses, suicidal, nightmares that are the remains of the aborted baby, painful memories at the time he was born, etc..

The Royal Academy of Obstetrics of England has reported that the odds of severe and permanent psychiatric problems after an abortion can be up to 59% of mothers. The World Health Organization meanwhile reported that women who have abortions for psychiatric reasons are precisely those most at risk of mental problems once the abortion. Other studies show that women who have an abortion because of rape, incest, health, etc., Are even more likely to suffer severe emotional and psychiatric problems than those that have practiced for socioeconomic reasons.

SOURCES: Dr. Rafael Cabrera, "post-abortion trauma and healing," X World Congress by Love, Family Life and Human Life International, San Jose, California, April 1991, David C. Reardon, Aborted Women, Silent No More (Westchester, Ill.: Crossway Books, 1987), xxiv, xxv.

Statistically find the primary reasons for abortion :

Abortion and general consequence for women

The effects of abortion

In most cases the woman never said anything that could happen. Often described abortion as a clinically safe surgical procedure. But aspects of the procedure called "safe" can leave permanent physical damage, not to mention the potential for chronic psychological problems.

WEBA (Women Exploited by Abortion / women exploited by abortion) is the voice of experience. Women from WEBA know the reality because they have experienced. It aims to educate all women about the effects of abortion, to seek an alternative.

"The doctor told me I only had to inject some liquid, and then feel a expel the fetus                          was not. Felt my daughter move back and forth for an hour and a half, the time it took to die. I had a difficult labor for over 12 hours and I myself gave birth to my daughter  was beautiful, was five and a half months ... but she was dead. "

The following pages list the potential physical and psychological effects of abortion. WEBA want all women to know them:

Physical consequences:

  •  Sterility. 
  • Spontaneous Abortions. 
  • Ectopic pregnancies. 
  • Stillbirths. 
  • Menstrual disorders. 
  • Hemorrhage. 
  • Infections. 
  • Shock. 
  • Eat. 
  • Perforated uterus. 
  • Peritonitis. 
  • Blood clots passengers. 
  • Fever / sweats. 
  • Intense pain. 
  • Loss of other organs. 
  • Death

"My doctor told me I could not have an abundant hemorrhage and infection that I could last weeks, as it were. Neither said anything about the possibility that I extirpation the uterus (hysterectomy), as I did eight months later "said one of the victims of abortion.

Emotional disorders:

  • Crying / Sighs. 
  • Insomnia. 
  • Loss of appetite. 
  • Weight loss. 
  • Exhaustion. 
  • Swallow constantly. 
  • Nervousness. 
  • Decreased work capacity. 
  • Vomiting. 
  • Gastrointestinal disorders. 
  • Frigidity.

Psychological effects:

  • Guilt. 
  • Suicidal. 
  • Sense of loss. 
  • Dissatisfaction. 
  • Feelings of mourning. 
  • Regret and remorse. 
  • Withdrawal. 
  • Loss of confidence in the decision-making capacity. 
  • Lower self-esteem. 
  • Preoccupation with death. 
  • Hostility. 
  • Self-destructive behavior. 
  • Anger / Rage. 
  • Despair. 
  • Helplessness.

I want to remember the date of death.
Concern with the date "should" birth or birth month.
"Nobody ever told me I would live with this decision for the rest of my life ... It has been several years but my pain continues."
Intense interest in babies.
Maternal instincts frustrated.
I hate all abortion-related.
I want to end the relationship with your partner.
Loss of interest in sex.
Inability to forgive herself.
Feeling of dehumanization.
Seizures / Tremors.
Feelings of being exploited.
Abuse of children.

Here are the facts of abortion!
Each year, over a million and a half women have abortions. That means more than 4,000 unborn children are killed legally each day. For many, abortion seems to be the right decision at the time. But these women almost never have the potential physical and psychological aftermath can drag the rest of their lives.

WEBA, Women Exploited by Abortion-Women Exploited by Abortion-is a national nonprofit organization of women who have had abortions. The WEBA members now realize how wrong they were his decisions. WEBA strives to educate women about abortion and its harmful effects and permanent.