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Friday, April 26, 2013

Olive Oil & Beauty Tips

Olive Oil is Ally for Beauty

Olive oil is a popular product that is found in most of our homes, this is a great ally of beauty, since oil is a gentle, non-irritating and antibacterial, other than it is very rich in antioxidants, which makes it an ideal oil for skin care. Olive oil can be used for skin care and lips, as the softness and moisture, you can apply the after bathing and you will see good results, you can also use it as extra ingredient in your masks, the mere fact add a few drops of olive oil are adding a touch of extra hydration treatment.

Olive Oil is Ally for Beauty

Olive oil is also used for the care of the weak and brittle nails, for this you can put the tips of your fingers for a few minutes in a bowl with olive oil, this plus a few drops of lemon juice will help remove any stains have.

Before washing your hair massage it with warm olive oil, as this will add a dose of hydration especially dry hair, so that the effect is greater should untarte oil overnight or failing several hours before washing and will even more benefits if you cover your hair with a shower cap and then with a towel moistened with hot water so that nutrients penetrate better.

Using olive oil can exfoliate the skin on our hands and feet to this mix the olive oil with sugar and this mixture rub our hands and feet, after this you need get some gloves or socks before going to bed, this will cause the effect is greater.

Finally another use that you can give to olive oil as a cleanser is 100% natural.