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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Breast Enhancement Foods

Best Foods for Breast Enhancement

If you want to know how to make your breasts grow naturally, it is important to know that there are foods that can stimulate it. This time I'll introduce you 10 foods you can include in your diet.

The components that should be present in foods which favor the growth of the breast are estrogen and similar substances as isoflavones, phytoestrogens and amino acids, among others.

Foods for Breast Enhancement

Breast ehnancement foods

Soy and its derivatives: These foods contain is flavones, substances that act similarly to estrogen. 

Fennel: This food can stimulate the growth of breast tissue due to the flavonoid content. 

Coles: These usually consumed can also increase breast volume due to flavonoids possessing. 

Grains: Whole grains contain phytosterols, vitamins and minerals that can boost breast augmentation. 

Alfalfa sprouts: This food is rich in minerals, vitamins and phyto-estrogens that promote breast growth. 

Sunflower seeds: These seeds are high in protein which increases breast volume. 

Linseed: Nutrients (phytoestrogens) containing these seeds stimulate breast size. 

Fenugreek: This vegetable is highly recognized as a food properties breast enhancement naturally. This plant contains substances that stimulate the production of steroid compounds, which directly influences the size of the breasts. 

Parsley is a plant which stimulates the production of estrogen and even regulates hormonal disorders. 

Avocado: This food is made ​​up of 10 amino acids and vitamins that promote growth of the mammary gland. 

Besides these natural foods market has recently come to call biscuits cookies cup containing Pueraria Mirifica, an herb that increases the bust. These cookies are from Thailand and Burma. 

If you are looking to grow your breasts naturally can do it through food, usually eating these 10 foods.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to Prevent Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Preventing Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Do you want to know how to prevent hair loss after pregnancy? In the postpartum hair weakens. However, you can to some extent, prevent hair loss after pregnancy, if you know how to strengthen it with some homemade tricks.
During pregnancy, all the female body, including the hair, is at its best. The hair looks nicer and brighter than usual, something that undoubtedly will perceive from the first months.

Preventing hair loss after pregnancy
Unfortunately, after delivery, this phenomenon is reversed hair dehydrates, loses luminosity and increases its fall, igniting an alarm signal. 
However, this hair loss in women, to some extent predictable, since due to hormonal changes at this stage, can be prevented and to some extent avoided.

It’s just considering some homemade tricks against hair loss:
Lettuce juice to prevent hair loss.
Ingredients: a handful of alfalfa sprouts 6 leaves of lettuce or chicory, 2 carrots into pieces.
Preparation: Place all ingredients in blender. Processes. Drink a glass of this juice freshly prepared each day.

Variant of vegetable juice to prevent hair loss:
Ingredients: a medium cucumber chunks, a small bunch of spinach leaves, 2 carrots into pieces.
Preparation: Place the vegetables in a blender. Blend. Drink immediately.

Fall Shampoo
Ingredients: a container of a customary shampoo, 3 or 4 leaves of aloe vera.
Preparation: Cut the leaves of aloe longitudinally. Extract the gel. Add the gel obtained a shampoo container. Wash your hair with this shampoo as usual.