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Women Sexual Problems

Problems of Women Sexual

The problems of women sexuality are numerous. However, it is often ignored in most time. 

Lack of desire, pain and difficulty reaching the orgasm are the women sexual problems. However, it is often ignored in most time. Here is a brief panoramic tour of the main dysfunctions and some tips for sexual fulfillment.

Women Sexual Problems

Women Vaginal dryness
Sometimes transient, it is a real problem for sexual life. It is a lack of lubrication in the vagina, which produces an unpleasant and even painful penetration. Usually due to hormonal changes, affects women but also young adult women after pregnancy or menopause. Also, stress, taking certain medications, hygiene too aggressive or alcohol or cigarettes can affect mucous lubrication mechanism.

The solutions for vaginal dryness:
The first a water-based lubricant can help ease the discomfort. Then, as appropriate, may prescribe hormone treatment. However, it usually notice some haste during sex by the partner or time need a woman's body. Taking good care of the preliminaries is a nice way to increase desire and allow the vagina to lubricate naturally to facilitate penetration.

Dyspareunia: women painful penetration
There is talk of dyspareunia when you feel pain, more or less intense, at the time of penetration. The origin of this pain can be organic (after childbirth, for example), infectious (fungal infections, cystitis, herpes, MST) or even psychological. It may also be of a little-known phenomenon called vestibulitis, is an inflammation of the vestibule, i.e. the part located inside the inner lips.

The solutions for Dyspareunia:
Very annoying to sexual life partner, these pains should be located (inside or outside of the vagina, more or less deep ...) and identify them. Antibiotics may be prescribed if an infection, but usually causes fear of pain, eventually, fear keep sex, causing deeper blockages. Consult a psychologist to overcome these fears and return to fully enjoy sex.

Vaginismus or refusal to penetration
Vaginismus results in involuntary contraction of the muscles of the perineum and vagina. Although the genitalia are normal (well react to the excitation and can obtain orgasm by stimulating the clitoris), by reflection, the vaginal orifice is closed, preventing any penetration. Vaginismus precludes a gynecological exam and the use of tampons during menstruation.

The solutions for Vaginismus:
In 90% of cases, the cause is psychological vaginismus. It can cause trauma, fear or phobia of sexuality, or psychological block due to severe dyspareunia. The goal of therapy is; above all, relax the muscles of the vagina. Then the woman must re-appropriate their sex to return to a normal sex life.

The anorgasmia: when orgasm is immediate
There are many women who complain about not knowing the vaginal orgasm. In these cases there is talk of anorgasmia whole or absence of orgasm. This term is used for those who do not know the orgasm of the clitoris and the vaginal orgasm. The anorgasmia may appear from the first moment on sexuality, but it can also affect older women during sexual life. Complex, anorgasmia is relegated to certain situations or certain couples.

The solutions:
Like many other women sexual problems, anorgasmia have a psychological origin. Therefore, you must take the road of psychotherapy. Having found the source of the physical blockage, should develop their sensitivity and appropriate sexual erotic sensations.

The frigidity or lack of pleasure
Beyond the orgasm, frigidity is defined by the absence of sexual pleasure. It translates into lack of erotic thoughts, while the body does not react to any form of stimulation, the genitals do not respond to touch or arousal and the vagina remains dry. The relationships are experienced sex as a duty, even as a nuisance and practiced indifference.

The solutions:
Also for these cases, a good analytic work can provide the key to unlock the situation. It is that women understand why it is insensitive to all forms of physical and sexual pleasure, and for the couple, to re-learn to communicate. The aim of this treatment is that the frigid woman discover new sensations (or forgotten) and how to surrender to them.
In the above writing women will be overcome their sexual problems and be happy with their partner.


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